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The Classic Apple logo. Is it gay?

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I don’t know when did it happened but is strange that something that you consider a classic now a days some people can tell you that is gay!

I love apple products and there is nothing like the old look of the Cupertino company like their old rainbow apple. But now people that see the logo consider it gay. I have read some posts here and there and even friends of mine that I have showed them the classic logo on my macbook or iPhone provided by remind them of the gay flag and they make comments just to bother but I really never though of the logo that way until I place the classics on my devices.

In my opinion there is nothing gay on the old apple logo. Actually the Apple computer company used this logo before it was consider it gay in 1978.

Actual Photo from a macbook

Actual Photo from a macbook

So get into into and get your classic apple sticker to customize your macbook or iPhone.


Written by macolors

May 2, 2010 at 1:24 am